The Outdoor Painters

I am honored to be part of the plein air artist group, The Outdoor Painters.  You can go to the link in the top right under the home page link, to look and see what is going on with this group.

Painting plein air is so inspiring and can be overwhelming when you are starting.  Looking out at the landscape and trying to remember that you don't have to paint everything is hard.  I have to keep telling myself "simplify"!  I usually start out by taking some photographs and trying different angles and views which helps me to focus down to a smaller view instead of the whole landscape.  In doing this something usually attracts me to it and I find the place I want to paint.  Most of my plein air work is done while we are traveling in our little motorhome.  I always take my pastels and supplies with me so I can paint along the way.

I love it when I get to paint with other artists.  I have painted with The Outdoor Painters group and look forward to more plein air events with this group.  You can look below and see some pictures of the group when we painted at Anderson Creek Retreat, a fabulous venue in the Ellijay area.