Kodiak Success

Pastel, 20" x 24"
This painting was done from photographs made on a trip to Muncey's Bear Camp on Kodiak Island, Alaska. We were sitting along a river bank and the bears would work their way down the river fishing. This bear caught his salmon right in front of us.

Kodiak Fishing

Pastel, 20" X 24"
The bear paintings are a series of three to date.
My husband and I love to go to see bears all over but the Kodiak bear is probably the most interesting. We've been able to watch them for hours with cubs playing and others fishing. They are beautiful animals and I'm glad they are so intent on their fishing.

Waterlilies Cycles End

Pastel, 9" x 12"
One morning I had walked out to the pond after it had started getting cold and the lilies had all turned brown. The sun had the lily pads glowing an antique gold and they were just beautiful even though they were in the very last stage before going away. I used some irridescent metallic pastel in the painting. The painting has a subtle glow.